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Aug 26

Sex with Water

Sex and water can mix very well if you do it right. Here are a few tips to make sex and water a hot and erotic way to play:

1.) Sex in the shower
If you’ve never has sex in the shower, you’re missing on the epitome of hot and steamy sex. It’s a popular scene in movies and even some porno flicks. To have water running over your bodies it a very hot sight indeed. The nipples will be very hard and water will rush off of them like little downspouts in a rainstorm. It makes you want to nibble them. Nipple play is the best in the shower. The tub can also make for interesting positions like prop a leg up and get him squat to to enter. That’s juts an idea but there are other positions you can try. It makes anal toys much easier to clean since you’re already under the water.

2.) Sex in a hot tub.
This is not advisable because of the chlorine can cause a vaginal yeast infection, foreplay is great in a hot tub because your;e so hot already and the heat gets the blood flowing to your erogenous zones better and faster, making you very aroused. I’d save the sex for outside of the hot tub.

3.) Sex in the ocean.
This is a very erotic place to have sex because no one can see you – that is if you;re on the west coast, the waves can hide the view underwater so no one can see, spectators juts think you’re in an embrace. If you are on the east coats of the caribbean, then the water is clear and everyone can see what you’re doing – not that it matters but lf you don;t want to be an exhibitionist make sure there are waves nearby!

4.) Sex in the bath.
This can be difficult if you have only the stars size bath tub. Only left for larger jacuzzi tubs often found in honeymoon suites in a hotel, Make sure you don’t use too much soap or it can cause infection, but a little shouldn’t hurt, This is very popular for honeymooners and allows you to really embrace on a romantic level – or you could be nasty too, it’s easy to go either way!