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Jul 16

Fast Sex

There is something to be said for slow, long foreplay and passion and sensual touching. Kama Sutra teaches us how to prolong sex and make it last linger, not just the act of intercourse, but everything in it’s entirety. Now we’re going to try something different. It’s the opposite of Kama Sutra.

Try to make it fast and quick, impromptu and speedy. When you have a fast impromptu sexual encounter, it will play more on your emotions. You have this fast orgasm out of nowhere, you hardly had any time to get aroused and before you know it, the orgasms is over and you are on you way, left thinking what the hell just happened? Your hormones will still be racing and you will feel the lasting effect of quick sex, it’s like a jolt to the system, your body is still in this odd phase of “what just happened” like sexual shock.

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It lingers throughout you until you figure out what just happened. You can get this feeling by having morning sex. Don;t even think about it, just roll over and splash dome lube on her pussy, stick your dick in, use that morning hard-on for good. She might still even be sleeping but do it anyway. She will wake up with pleasure. You might get the cold shoulder on this because chances are you will cum and she won’t but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.

The best way to fast impromptu sex is to discuss it and know that it will happen.Talk to each other and say sometime today we will pass and have sex out of the blue. It is very important to discuss this first because if you’re passing in the hallway of your house, or walking through a ravine and you start to lift her skirt, chances are she will object to this.

You need to know that it will happen and when it does happen, there will be no odd feelings at all, it will occur and you’ll both know about it. Another great thing about this odd sexual behavior is that you will live with anticipation all day.

It’s so true that anticipating a big sexual encounter – especially when you don’t know exactly when it will happen will get the blood flowing, you’ll be horny all day. You won’t be able to wait until it happens, you’ll wonder where it happens. The simple act of anticipating sex is as passionate and hot as the act of sex itself. Communicate with your partner and tell each other that there will be a kinky encounter sometime today , or within the next few days and try this brisk sex.

That’s the tip of the day and you’ll be sure to try this again and it will be the talk in the locker room the next time you hear someone complaining of a lax love life.