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Jun 11

Hold the Head

Hot sex needs a build up. Foreplay is the best way to lead the path to the type of sex you want. It can be passionate sex, rough sex, tender sex, kinky sex, role play sex and the list can go on. Just like there are many shrimp dishes, there are many sex dishes. foreplay will set the scene and here is a tip for getting passionate sex like you’ll find in a romance novel. The foreplay tip of the day:

Foreplay Tip: Hold the head.

I’m not talking about the penis head, no that’s not a good foreplay tip at all! I mean the head, head. This tip is for women and men but women seem to respond to head holding better then men do. Wrap your hand around the back of the head and support it when you lay your partner down. Support it like a baby and this will show tender intent.

When you want a passionate kiss, hold the head and press it up against your face. It seems trivial but they way you hold it and the placement of your fingers is important. Spread your fingers wide. pretend that you;re holding a watermelon with one hand and you don’t want it to fall off your hand. You can maneuver the head whichever way toy want but as it’s being cradles, it will give an innate sense of comfort, like the mother cradling her ne child.¬†You can direct the action, be sure to hold them close and you can re-live a favorite scene of a romance novel. The head is not a sexual orgasm but when you pay attention to it during sex, it adds a new dimension of intimacy to your lovemaking.