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Jun 17

Nipple Play

The nipples are a very strong erogenous zone for women and men. There are certain ways to play with the nipples to set the tone. here are some suggestions of how and when to give the nipples some stimulation of their own.

1.) Light nipple rubbing.
Rub the palm of your hand over the nipple in a circular motion. Your hand will be completely flat and straight. The center of the palm will set over the nipples as you rube slowly in a circle. Circular motion is important t excuse if you rub back and forth, the friction with your skin will pull at it in a uncomfortable way and it will lose it’s sexy appeal. Rubbing in a circle basically makes the nipple move around without any friction. The best time to do this is during foreplay at the beginning when you are getting her (or him) in the mood for sex. Rubbing a woman’s nipples in this fashion will result in her producing more natural lubrication. She will be easily more aroused and this is a great way to lead into hot passionate wet sex.

2.) Nipple pinching.
Nipple pinching should occur more in the hot and heavy stages of sex. By then the nipples will be hard, bi from your stimulation but from the increased blood flow to the erogenous zones during foreplay. Kissing, touching and heavy petting will all cause the nipples to become erect. When they are hard is the best time to pinch them. They will be easy to grad. You can pinch them and then release or or pinch and them and roll your the nipple through the finger back and forth. You can also pinch and pull. Try all 3 of these techniques and judge for yourself which one you get the best response from. Each feels very different and depending on the heightened sensual passion, the partner will response to each different stimulation differently,

3.) Nipple licking and biting
Licking and biting should occur at the same time. It’s very erotic to have a nipple licked, and then bite right away after. This can be done during actual intercourse or some people do like this during foreplay. Nipple action with the mouth is always fun. Especially when you give each other eye contact while it’s being done. Make sure not to bite to hard or it can make your partner weary every time you put your face in their chest from then on out. A light bite is better, and you should wrap your teeth with your lips first before you bit because the nipple is juts as sensitive ad the penis. In fact, when it comes to nipple licking, treat it lie a mini penis and do to the nipple what you would want done to your penis and you will not her her.