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Jul 22

Sex and Mirrors

If you’ve never had sex in front of a mirror, then you are missing out one a very kinky act. There are many things this can do for your sex life.

First, when you watch yourself in the throes of passion it gives you a really unique glance at yourself because you never see yourself in this angle. Sure you’ve watched plenty or porno movies and seen the positions of other people but when you see yourself, it adds an new dimension to everything.

Keep a peek at yourself and with your body as it moves, see what you do and I practically guarantee that it will be a turn on. When you have a mirror beside or behind you during sex, you can see part of your lover’s body and your own that you would not see, you’ll get other angles and it’s like watching a live action porno movie when you see the people moving and it’s you! A popular 80’s thing was to have mirror on the ceiling. Some hotel’s honeymoon rooms still have this so if you don’t want to hook up your own, you can get a room and stay there to experience this.

When in missionary position, look up and see the ass cheeks of your partner flex as he thrusts into you, it’s a highly erotic experience. If you’re in the wheelbarrow, you can look up and see the naked body of your partner looking straight down.

Mirrors in the room is a very fun thing, the various positions and see yourself in different ways. For men, this is an excellent way to convince your woman to have sex while being videotaped becuase you get get to see yourselves fully the whole time, it’s like the gateway drug into bigger and better things so hook up the mirrors and see a new angle of yourself!