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Nov 05

Foody Foreplay

Food has been an aphrodisiac for many centuries. Certain food induce sexual responses, create arousal and get couples in the mood for passionate sex and foreplay.

One of the best suggestions is to feed each other berries. These are not really an aphrodisiac, maybe an aphrodisiac of the mind because if the analogies about cherries and berries and other sexually suggestive food and sex related names. If you feed her a strawberry, it’s a phallic symbol because normally she’ll lick it, flick the tip with her tongue.

Simply the sight of a woman licking the tip of a strawberry can be arousing for men. It can help you get in the mood for sex, as if you don’t need it already, but it might make her feel erotic and sexy. She will feel like a sex goddess when you feed her fruits. She can tease you by licking the tip of the fruit, making her feel very sexy like a sex goddess.

Another reason this is an intimate act for couples is because the analogy about royalty being fed grapes, like the kings if ancient times. She’ll feel like royalty when she lays back and you feed her berries. If you dip them in chocolate, it makes the whole ac even more sensual.

Chocolate is a proven aphrodisiac, not just for it’s chemical properties that affect the brain and make sexual hormones age, but it’s also a mind thing where chocolates are for Valentine’s day which means sex. It’s a common aphrodisiac just for these properties. Having them chocolate dipped also tastes better!

Feed each other berries but it’s usually much more tempting and erotic when the man feed it to the women and then you can share a closer intimate passion together. Other suggested fruits are bananas, grapes and melons. Fruit is the easiest food to eat because the high water content, that makes it easy to chew and fast to swallow. nothing ruins a mood more then gaping chewing or crumbs on the face. Fruit requires minimal chewing so you can still be and feel sexy as you chew, it’s not like your eating a meal, but you’re teasing your man and there is a very fine line between the two! Stick to fruit only and you’ll quickly see how much passion this simple act can add to your sensual encounters.