Sex Games

Sex games are incredibly cheesy, so cheesy in fact that most couples will never play one. You’re really missing out if you don;t give a sex game a try. Yes it’s horribly cheesy and you won’t have the hottest most passionate sex of your life but it will be memorable and fun.

Sex does not always need to be passionate and erotic. It can be silly and goofy. This is very fun because you act child-like, being really silly but sexy at the same time. It’s the best way to play, releasing all your inhibitions and being really silly. Here are some popular sex games and what they can do for you:

1.) Sex Dice
These consist of 2 dice with words on them. the first dice has an action, like lick, squeeze, bit or suck. The second dice has a body part, like toes, lips, boobs or butt. When you roll the dice you do what they say. It’s limited fun and really used for a gag gift for a birthday party only, but they are useable sex ice. Give them a shake and try a few rounds. You’ll find yourselves laughing quite a bit.

2.) Drinking Games
There are some drinking games which combine sex with drinking. Some games have some nudity and this can bring you our of your worried she’ll. It’s much easier to be less inhibited and to be open to the idea of crazy sex games when you are already half tipsy. This is a perfect way to into the sex game night, play strip shooter first.

3.) Role Play Games
These are the ultimate sex game because you can act out virtually any sex fantasy that you may have. There are role play games that have cards or play boards. this can give you a starting point if you need to have some staring tips to break the ice. If you want to play role play sex but you don’t know what to do or where to start, pick up a fantasy sex kit with some costumes and some suggestions and have a unique sexual experience.

4.) Sex Board Games
These are the most common sex game. Consisting of s game board dice play cards and other gaming paraphernalia, you have certain specific goals. They are basically the same as any family board games but with a sex result at the end. These are usually cheesy, some are more romantic, some are more playful. Think of what type of these you want and then get the game to suit the mood. Try stocking a few more games too for some variety in your sex play.



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