Foody Foreplay

Food has been an aphrodisiac for many centuries. Certain food induce sexual responses, create arousal and get couples in the mood for passionate sex and foreplay.

One of the best suggestions is to feed each other berries. These are not really an aphrodisiac, maybe an aphrodisiac of the mind because if the analogies about cherries and berries and other sexually suggestive food and sex related names. If you feed her a strawberry, it’s a phallic symbol because normally she’ll lick it, flick the tip with her tongue.

Simply the sight of a woman licking the tip of a strawberry can be arousing for men. It can help you get in the mood for sex, as if you don’t need it already, but it might make her feel erotic and sexy. She will feel like a sex goddess when you feed her fruits. She can tease you by licking the tip of the fruit, making her feel very sexy like a sex goddess.

Another reason this is an intimate act for couples is because the analogy about royalty being fed grapes, like the kings if ancient times. She’ll feel like royalty when she lays back and you feed her berries. If you dip them in chocolate, it makes the whole ac even more sensual.

Chocolate is a proven aphrodisiac, not just for it’s chemical properties that affect the brain and make sexual hormones age, but it’s also a mind thing where chocolates are for Valentine’s day which means sex. It’s a common aphrodisiac just for these properties. Having them chocolate dipped also tastes better!

Feed each other berries but it’s usually much more tempting and erotic when the man feed it to the women and then you can share a closer intimate passion together. Other suggested fruits are bananas, grapes and melons. Fruit is the easiest food to eat because the high water content, that makes it easy to chew and fast to swallow. nothing ruins a mood more then gaping chewing or crumbs on the face. Fruit requires minimal chewing so you can still be and feel sexy as you chew, it’s not like your eating a meal, but you’re teasing your man and there is a very fine line between the two! Stick to fruit only and you’ll quickly see how much passion this simple act can add to your sensual encounters.


Sex with Water

Sex and water can mix very well if you do it right. Here are a few tips to make sex and water a hot and erotic way to play:

1.) Sex in the shower
If you’ve never has sex in the shower, you’re missing on the epitome of hot and steamy sex. It’s a popular scene in movies and even some porno flicks. To have water running over your bodies it a very hot sight indeed. The nipples will be very hard and water will rush off of them like little downspouts in a rainstorm. It makes you want to nibble them. Nipple play is the best in the shower. The tub can also make for interesting positions like prop a leg up and get him squat to to enter. That’s juts an idea but there are other positions you can try. It makes anal toys much easier to clean since you’re already under the water.

2.) Sex in a hot tub.
This is not advisable because of the chlorine can cause a vaginal yeast infection, foreplay is great in a hot tub because your;e so hot already and the heat gets the blood flowing to your erogenous zones better and faster, making you very aroused. I’d save the sex for outside of the hot tub.

3.) Sex in the ocean.
This is a very erotic place to have sex because no one can see you – that is if you;re on the west coast, the waves can hide the view underwater so no one can see, spectators juts think you’re in an embrace. If you are on the east coats of the caribbean, then the water is clear and everyone can see what you’re doing – not that it matters but lf you don;t want to be an exhibitionist make sure there are waves nearby!

4.) Sex in the bath.
This can be difficult if you have only the stars size bath tub. Only left for larger jacuzzi tubs often found in honeymoon suites in a hotel, Make sure you don’t use too much soap or it can cause infection, but a little shouldn’t hurt, This is very popular for honeymooners and allows you to really embrace on a romantic level – or you could be nasty too, it’s easy to go either way!


Sex and Mirrors

If you’ve never had sex in front of a mirror, then you are missing out one a very kinky act. There are many things this can do for your sex life.

First, when you watch yourself in the throes of passion it gives you a really unique glance at yourself because you never see yourself in this angle. Sure you’ve watched plenty or porno movies and seen the positions of other people but when you see yourself, it adds an new dimension to everything.

Keep a peek at yourself and with your body as it moves, see what you do and I practically guarantee that it will be a turn on. When you have a mirror beside or behind you during sex, you can see part of your lover’s body and your own that you would not see, you’ll get other angles and it’s like watching a live action porno movie when you see the people moving and it’s you! A popular 80’s thing was to have mirror on the ceiling. Some hotel’s honeymoon rooms still have this so if you don’t want to hook up your own, you can get a room and stay there to experience this.

When in missionary position, look up and see the ass cheeks of your partner flex as he thrusts into you, it’s a highly erotic experience. If you’re in the wheelbarrow, you can look up and see the naked body of your partner looking straight down.

Mirrors in the room is a very fun thing, the various positions and see yourself in different ways. For men, this is an excellent way to convince your woman to have sex while being videotaped becuase you get get to see yourselves fully the whole time, it’s like the gateway drug into bigger and better things so hook up the mirrors and see a new angle of yourself!


Fast Sex

There is something to be said for slow, long foreplay and passion and sensual touching. Kama Sutra teaches us how to prolong sex and make it last linger, not just the act of intercourse, but everything in it’s entirety. Now we’re going to try something different. It’s the opposite of Kama Sutra.

Try to make it fast and quick, impromptu and speedy. When you have a fast impromptu sexual encounter, it will play more on your emotions. You have this fast orgasm out of nowhere, you hardly had any time to get aroused and before you know it, the orgasms is over and you are on you way, left thinking what the hell just happened? Your hormones will still be racing and you will feel the lasting effect of quick sex, it’s like a jolt to the system, your body is still in this odd phase of “what just happened” like sexual shock.

If you can’t get an erection on a whim – and don’t worry if you can’t sometime performance anxiety can create temporary erectile dysfunction, make sure to visit to buy a penile ED pump becuase it takes seconds in most cases to suck up a good sturdy erection. If you slip over a cock ring it will make that penis of yours much more firm then you’re used to.

It lingers throughout you until you figure out what just happened. You can get this feeling by having morning sex. Don;t even think about it, just roll over and splash dome lube on her pussy, stick your dick in, use that morning hard-on for good. She might still even be sleeping but do it anyway. She will wake up with pleasure. You might get the cold shoulder on this because chances are you will cum and she won’t but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.

The best way to fast impromptu sex is to discuss it and know that it will happen.Talk to each other and say sometime today we will pass and have sex out of the blue. It is very important to discuss this first because if you’re passing in the hallway of your house, or walking through a ravine and you start to lift her skirt, chances are she will object to this.

You need to know that it will happen and when it does happen, there will be no odd feelings at all, it will occur and you’ll both know about it. Another great thing about this odd sexual behavior is that you will live with anticipation all day.

It’s so true that anticipating a big sexual encounter – especially when you don’t know exactly when it will happen will get the blood flowing, you’ll be horny all day. You won’t be able to wait until it happens, you’ll wonder where it happens. The simple act of anticipating sex is as passionate and hot as the act of sex itself. Communicate with your partner and tell each other that there will be a kinky encounter sometime today , or within the next few days and try this brisk sex.

That’s the tip of the day and you’ll be sure to try this again and it will be the talk in the locker room the next time you hear someone complaining of a lax love life.


Sex Games

Sex games are incredibly cheesy, so cheesy in fact that most couples will never play one. You’re really missing out if you don;t give a sex game a try. Yes it’s horribly cheesy and you won’t have the hottest most passionate sex of your life but it will be memorable and fun.

Sex does not always need to be passionate and erotic. It can be silly and goofy. This is very fun because you act child-like, being really silly but sexy at the same time. It’s the best way to play, releasing all your inhibitions and being really silly. Here are some popular sex games and what they can do for you:

1.) Sex Dice
These consist of 2 dice with words on them. the first dice has an action, like lick, squeeze, bit or suck. The second dice has a body part, like toes, lips, boobs or butt. When you roll the dice you do what they say. It’s limited fun and really used for a gag gift for a birthday party only, but they are useable sex ice. Give them a shake and try a few rounds. You’ll find yourselves laughing quite a bit.

2.) Drinking Games
There are some drinking games which combine sex with drinking. Some games have some nudity and this can bring you our of your worried she’ll. It’s much easier to be less inhibited and to be open to the idea of crazy sex games when you are already half tipsy. This is a perfect way to into the sex game night, play strip shooter first.

3.) Role Play Games
These are the ultimate sex game because you can act out virtually any sex fantasy that you may have. There are role play games that have cards or play boards. this can give you a starting point if you need to have some staring tips to break the ice. If you want to play role play sex but you don’t know what to do or where to start, pick up a fantasy sex kit with some costumes and some suggestions and have a unique sexual experience.

4.) Sex Board Games
These are the most common sex game. Consisting of s game board dice play cards and other gaming paraphernalia, you have certain specific goals. They are basically the same as any family board games but with a sex result at the end. These are usually cheesy, some are more romantic, some are more playful. Think of what type of these you want and then get the game to suit the mood. Try stocking a few more games too for some variety in your sex play.


Nipple Play

The nipples are a very strong erogenous zone for women and men. There are certain ways to play with the nipples to set the tone. here are some suggestions of how and when to give the nipples some stimulation of their own.

1.) Light nipple rubbing.
Rub the palm of your hand over the nipple in a circular motion. Your hand will be completely flat and straight. The center of the palm will set over the nipples as you rube slowly in a circle. Circular motion is important t excuse if you rub back and forth, the friction with your skin will pull at it in a uncomfortable way and it will lose it’s sexy appeal. Rubbing in a circle basically makes the nipple move around without any friction. The best time to do this is during foreplay at the beginning when you are getting her (or him) in the mood for sex. Rubbing a woman’s nipples in this fashion will result in her producing more natural lubrication. She will be easily more aroused and this is a great way to lead into hot passionate wet sex.

2.) Nipple pinching.
Nipple pinching should occur more in the hot and heavy stages of sex. By then the nipples will be hard, bi from your stimulation but from the increased blood flow to the erogenous zones during foreplay. Kissing, touching and heavy petting will all cause the nipples to become erect. When they are hard is the best time to pinch them. They will be easy to grad. You can pinch them and then release or or pinch and them and roll your the nipple through the finger back and forth. You can also pinch and pull. Try all 3 of these techniques and judge for yourself which one you get the best response from. Each feels very different and depending on the heightened sensual passion, the partner will response to each different stimulation differently,

3.) Nipple licking and biting
Licking and biting should occur at the same time. It’s very erotic to have a nipple licked, and then bite right away after. This can be done during actual intercourse or some people do like this during foreplay. Nipple action with the mouth is always fun. Especially when you give each other eye contact while it’s being done. Make sure not to bite to hard or it can make your partner weary every time you put your face in their chest from then on out. A light bite is better, and you should wrap your teeth with your lips first before you bit because the nipple is juts as sensitive ad the penis. In fact, when it comes to nipple licking, treat it lie a mini penis and do to the nipple what you would want done to your penis and you will not her her.


Hold the Head

Hot sex needs a build up. Foreplay is the best way to lead the path to the type of sex you want. It can be passionate sex, rough sex, tender sex, kinky sex, role play sex and the list can go on. Just like there are many shrimp dishes, there are many sex dishes. foreplay will set the scene and here is a tip for getting passionate sex like you’ll find in a romance novel. The foreplay tip of the day:

Foreplay Tip: Hold the head.

I’m not talking about the penis head, no that’s not a good foreplay tip at all! I mean the head, head. This tip is for women and men but women seem to respond to head holding better then men do. Wrap your hand around the back of the head and support it when you lay your partner down. Support it like a baby and this will show tender intent.

When you want a passionate kiss, hold the head and press it up against your face. It seems trivial but they way you hold it and the placement of your fingers is important. Spread your fingers wide. pretend that you;re holding a watermelon with one hand and you don’t want it to fall off your hand. You can maneuver the head whichever way toy want but as it’s being cradles, it will give an innate sense of comfort, like the mother cradling her ne child.¬†You can direct the action, be sure to hold them close and you can re-live a favorite scene of a romance novel. The head is not a sexual orgasm but when you pay attention to it during sex, it adds a new dimension of intimacy to your lovemaking.


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